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Being a family business, we know deciding how to protect your home and family isn't an easy decision. B's Electric LLC provides only the highest quality products with dedicated service at a price to fit any budget. Whether you're looking to protect your home or business, we can design a custom solution to fit your needs.

From security alarms to surveillance cameras, medical alerts to access control - nothing is too big or too small to be protected. Using state of the art technology, B's Electric LLC can create a system that is easy to use and reliable. Protecting your family heirlooms, monitoring equipment on a job site, reducing loss in your store - you can count on B's Electric designed security systems to be there, protecting the things you value most.

Partnering with a respected UL listed central station allows us to deploy the most current monitoring technologies as rapidly as they become available. If you want:

  • a 10 second video clip sent to your smart phone when someone pulls in your driveway
  • to know what time your children got off the bus and came into the house
  • if you want to know when your employees leave for the evening
  • customized monitoring packages built for your specific needs
Then you've come to the right place. B's Electric LLC specializes in all of these systems and we take pride in your satisfaction.

By combining the expertise of our Master Electricians and Security Specialists, B's Electric LLC is a one stop shop for all of your wiring needs. No system is too big or too small for us to monitor, protect and service. Multiple locations combined in an easy to use interface, cameras integrated into your security system, asset tracking and foot traffic control - B's Electric will help to educate you on the trends related to security for your application.